Knots and Tots Photography in Austin, TX was opened by Rita and Nicole in 2010. The two ladies are the best of friends, and a perfect compliment to each other. They come from completely different backgrounds and professional paths, which has helped to inspire them artistically and in creating the studio together. And most importantly, you can tell right away they really enjoy their job and working as a team!

Get to know Nicole…

From the moment she opens her mouth, you’ll fall in love with Nicole’s Georgia born and raised accent! A true country gal at heart, she’s proud to be a genuine “Georgia Peach.” Nicole is formally trained in photography and received her BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography from Columbus State University.

Before moving to Austin in 2009, she was the Studio Assistant and Staff Photographer for a high end photography studio in Columbus, GA for close to 10 years, while putting herself through collage. She loves her doggie Rucca, chocolate, and beer. With a heart of gold, a sense of adventure, the eternal optimist, and an infectious laugh, you’ll immediately feel at home being around her.

What Nicole Loves…

1. My two favorite movies are Lonesome Dove and Labyrinth. Who doesn’t love David Bowie in tights, right?

2. Scott Walker! He’s an oldie but goodie but his music and voice just makes me happy.

4. My dog, Rucca. She’s 9 and we’ve been through a lot together. I love taking her for walks and gazing at the sky.

4. I {heart} Spring! I love how you can see, smell, hear, feel and taste everything coming back to life after the long calm.

Get to know Rita…

Rita was born and raised in southern California and moved to Austin in 2007. A city girl through and through, who spent most of her adult life in the corporate holding a diverse range of job positions, eventually focusing on Public Relations and Marketing.

A lifelong love of photography, yet never formally educated, she decided it was time to follow her passion and opened her own photography studio in 2008.
In 2010, she met Nicole and they hit it off instantly and merged into what is now Knots and Tots Photography.

When Rita isn’t working, she loves watching movies with her husband Val, getting lost in a bookstore, finding new music, or photographing local events like SXSW, The Austin Film Festival, and Austin Fashion Week.

What Rita Loves…
1. Hey Cupcake Food Trailer! Yes, it’s an addiction. I see one of those trailers and my palms get sweaty and my heart races. I love my Vanilla Dream!

2. My two little dogs, Bella (the 3lb chihuahua) and Mia (the 12lb pompoo). Nothing says good morning like the feel of their wet noses on my cheek.

3. My husband Val and my son Tyler. Two of my favorite men on this entire planet. They both make my heart sing and melt at the same time.

4. Movies! I’m a movie junkie. I can also be heard quoting them a lot. You’d think my tendency to “mis” quote the lines would stop me from doing it, but no. It doesn’t.

5. Pandora radio and Barnes and Noble. What can I say… I {heart} music and books. Pretty much all kinds of both.